Anadrol. Pros and cons in bodybuilding

Anapolon is known to many advanced bodybuilders and some athletes who train not for professional performances. Let’s add some information to the ranks of bodybuilders and athletes, for those who are interested in what this pill steroid is. Anapolon was released in the distant 60s, by Syntex Pharmaceuticals and was used for its intended purpose, namely for the treatment of osteoporosis, anemia, restoration of body weight in seriously ill patients.

But over time, non-steroidal drugs were developed to combat the above problems and Anapolon found itself in a different category, it turned out that the steroid works well in the treatment of HIV diseases. But for its ability to greatly increase muscle volumes in a very short time, the drug got into power sports and bodybuilding. Today, a large number of athletes strive to buy Anapolon in Canada, in order to achieve the fastest possible result in the set goal, and our steroid store will be happy to help you with this.

Anadrol effects

Anadrol is produced in tablet form, less often in the form of injections. One pill contains 50mg of the active ingredient – oxymetholone in the form of a tablet type of anabolic and 50mg of oxymetholone per 1ml of liquid solution. Athletes of various sports disciplines wish to buy Anadrol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals throughout Canada, thanks to its qualities, which we will describe below. Steroid doping indicators are expressed as follows:

  • anabolic effect is 3 times stronger than testosterone
  • androgenic 3 times weaker
  • aromatization is completely absent, but progestin side effects are possible
  • there is a relatively high toxicity to the liver, especially when the recommended doses are exceeded
  • forms of administration oral, less often intramuscularly.

Useful properties of the steroid

So, what can we expect from the use of Anadrol? And since this drug is rightfully recognized as one of the most powerful tablet steroids, the first place is occupied by the largest possible set of muscle volumes, which can reach 15 kg in 5-6 weeks of administration. This is followed by power, which will not leave indifferent any strongman performing professionally in international competitions. Often, athletes note the elimination of pain in the joints and ligaments, which is very helpful with long-standing injuries and working with large working weights.

Anapolon promotes the production of red blood cells – the supply of oxygen to the muscles, thereby significantly increasing endurance during active training. And finally, let’s highlight a decrease in the amount of globulin that binds hormones, thereby impairing the effectiveness of the course, but thanks to Anadrol, the volume of globulin decreases and anabolic steroids begin to work more efficiently. Large gains in mass are partly due to water retention, therefore, upon completion of taking oxymetholone, some of the acquired weight goes away and can be up to 30%. You can buy Anadrol by following the link

But one should not think that growth is only due to fluid. Especially for this, research was carried out in California, scientists figured out the consequences and effects of using Anadrol. It turned out that weight gain is carried out even without training and the use of a high level of protein in the human diet, and fat burning occurs in parallel with the above actions. We can conclude that Anapolon gives not only weight gain, but also the fight against subcutaneous fat.

Are side effects possible?

Regarding the side effects, we can immediately say that the negative effect on the liver is very exaggerated and is usually directly proportional to the dose consumed. 50 – 100mg per day is acceptable and should be determined by the athlete’s experience and weight at the beginning of the steroid cycle. Doses in higher proportions are not desirable as they may indeed adversely affect the athlete’s health. Possible side effects usually manifest as 

  • gynecomastia (due to the progestin action) 
  • high blood pressure 
  • nausea
  • diarrhea  
  • water retention in soft tissues.

But the big plus of Anadrol is a very slight inhibition of the production of its own testosterone, especially if you take a steroid in the morning. This will help you save money on post-cycle medications and Gonadotropin and Proviron, on the steroid cycle itself. In this case, the main thing is to correctly draw up a course, then the rollback is easy to nullify and minimize the cost of PCT.

Reviews in bodybuilding

Wandering around the Internet, you can get on reviews of the drug and understand what the pro bodybuilders and athletes who train “for themselves” about using Anadrol in chemistry courses are saying. The first thing that athletes admire is, of course, an increase in musculature and strength, many feel like a “Hulk” as the rush of blood and its increase give an indescribable experience.

The muscles quickly fill and increase in size, the athlete is simply bursting and there is an irresistible desire and craving for training again and again in order to feel this result.

There were no reviews of pain in the liver or other organs with proper use, so we would not advise making combinations or independently inventing anabolic dosages. And you can also leave a real review, for this you just need to go to the necessary page and describe your impressions of this medication.