Method of administration and dosage Trestolone

Despite the relatively recent appearance on the market of anabolic agents and smallest than the essential varieties of trenbolone fame Trenbolone Mix came to taste, used it to athletes. And it did not happen by chance , because the steroid is characterized by all the positive characteristics of trenbolone modifications . Description and principle of operation By combining a mix of trenbolones into one whole and obtaining a powerful anabolic, the manufacturer has […]

Introduction to Oxandrolone

In everyday hustle and bustle, looking around, I see a seven-billion-dollar human anthill, which in one continuous stream every minute hurries somewhere, in a hurry, runs, dragging my attention with it, and turning human uniqueness into something average, ordinary. Observing this process, from time to time I meet people who are not like the others, […]

Where is marijuana legalized?

World history has preserved evidence of the different attitudes of official authorities towards cannabis and marijuana. An increasing number of States are now moving from total prohibition to partial prohibition, and many countries are permitting the use of cannabis herb for therapeutic purposes. The list of States in which cannabis herb is legalized is constantly […]