Method of administration and dosage Trestolone

Despite the relatively recent appearance on the market of anabolic agents and smallest than the essential varieties of trenbolone fame Trenbolone Mix came to taste, used it to athletes. And it did not happen by chance , because the steroid is characterized by all the positive characteristics of trenbolone modifications .

Description and principle of operation

By combining a mix of trenbolones into one whole and obtaining a powerful anabolic, the manufacturer has achieved amazing effectiveness of the drug. The last steroid preparation included trenbolone acetate and enantant , as well as hexahydrobenzyl carbonate . Possessing maximum efficiency, each individually when combined with each other, they gave a new substance, their own best qualities, for which they were chosen by the athletes, in full.

The most important result from the course of using three trens is the strongest increase in muscle volume. The sensitive creative influence of the three tren is accompanied by a long period of influence. An athlete who chooses three tren, along with muscles, will raise strength parameters, increase sexual desire and get rid of useless fat deposits. At the same time, tren does not show a negative effect on the liver and is very slightly prone to aromatization. More details:

By incorporating a binary bond between carbon atoms, the manufacturers of Trenbolone Mix improved the binding to androgen receptors, slowed down metabolism and eliminated aromatization. The drug includes esters of acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate bound with trenbolone with the support of hydroxyl compounds . The presented connection allowed to slow down the process of elimination of trenbolone , thereby stretching the steroid effect after the injection. The greatest amount of excretion trenbolone , stems, after about two days and this process lasts , and 21 days.

Three tren is not used by athletes due to its significant androgenic effects.

Helpful advice: For athletes, you need to know that the steroid has a beneficial effect on the nitrogen content, allowing it to achieve a positive amount in the body. Moreover, nitrogen affects the explosive build-up of muscle volume and protein synthesis. Eating a balanced diet for muscle gain and using nutritional sports nutrition will significantly increase the positive effects of three trens by increasing the anabolic effect. In our Anabolic – menu store you can buy Trenbolone at the lowest price.   

Application effects

The components that make up the three trainers, having strong capabilities to influence the athlete’s body, show important improvements in the following parameters:

  1. Dry muscle mass is added.
  2. A clear relief of the muscles is drawn, veins are outlined and highlighted.
  3. Reducing the total body fat is achieved.
  4. An increased increase in power parameters is noted.
  5. The required content of cortisol in the body is achieved.
  6. Natural growth hormone production is stimulated.
  7. The content of insulin-like growth factor is doubled.

Method of administration and dosage

The norm is calculated based on the weight characteristics and the degree of training of the athlete. Effectiveness is achieved when taking 300 milligrams weekly, for a month and a half course. The weekly dose, due to its rapid resorption, should be divided into two or three injections. With the practical absence of estrogen components, the androgenic essence is strongly expressed.

If you want to gain muscle mass, it is possible to use three tren with testosterone or methandrostenol in combination.

For dry muscle gain, the drug is used in conjunction with nandrolone or boldenone.

With the goal of removing excess fluid from the body, primobolan is added to three tren.

Many other combinations can be listed. When combining steroids, the athlete should be guided by the goals that he wants to achieve by taking the course. It is also important to take into account possible negative reactions.

It is highly undesirable for women to take three tren.