Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common disease. It affects people of all ages and genders. More than 2/3 of patients do not receive the correct antiepileptic treatment. At the same time, epilepsy is one of the pathologies in which in 60-75% of cases there is a long-term remission with adequate selection of antiepileptic drugs. Currently, there are many excellent medications to help control epilepsy and provide quality treatment in this category. Modern medications have a high level of effectiveness. You can buy everything you need on the internet via specialised stores.

Concept and symptoms

Epilepsy is a chronic, non-infectious CNS disease in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensation, and sometimes loss of consciousness. If a patient has had one seizure, he or she is considered to be at risk for developing epilepsy. It takes at least two unprovoked seizures before a diagnosis is made.

Symptoms can vary widely and include:

  • impaired sense of time;
  • uncontrolled limb movements;
  • confusion or loss of consciousness;
  • mental disturbances – anxiety, fear, deja vu.

Seizure manifestations vary with the type of seizure and recur with each new episode. If you want to buy quality medications in this and other categories, you should find a modern online pharmacy. For example, has many different medications that can be a great solution. You just need to choose a category and buy the medicines that you need.

Causes of epilepsy

In some patients, the cause of epilepsy cannot be determined; in others, it is caused by:

  1. genetic predisposition;
  2. craniocerebral trauma;
  3. tumors, stroke, dementia, etc;
  4. infectious pathologies (AIDS, encephalitis, meningitis);
  5. prenatal (before birth) brain damage of the fetus;
  6. developmental disorders – autism, neurofibromatosis are often accompanied by epilepsy.

In the course of the disease dynamics is noted: varies the clinical picture of epilepsy, electroencephalogram changes, revealed cognitive impairment, etc. Transformation of the clinical picture of epilepsy over time can determine the prognosis of the disease, the development of resistance to ongoing therapy.

Treatment of the disease

The main method of treatment of pathology is drug therapy. First-line antiepileptic drugs are used. Antiepileptic drugs are prescribed both in monotherapy and in combination with new generation anticonvulsants. A form of epilepsy in which first-line drugs are not effective is conventionally accepted as “resistant”. In the past 2 decades, a new generation of antiepileptic drugs appeared. As a result, physicians treating epilepsy now have a choice of more than 20 modern effective antiepileptic drugs.

A more complete list of new drugs for the treatment of epilepsy can be seen in the catalog of the online store The advantage of new generation antiepileptic medicines are:

  • high effectiveness;
  • less toxicity;
  • better tolerability;
  • convenience of use – it is not necessary to control the drug level in blood regularly.

Today antiepileptic drugs of the 3rd generation have already been developed.

Where to Buy?

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