What myths about vitamins hinder their use

If you want to buy vitamins or to check aids medication price, then you first need to find a reliable store. This will help you decide and highlight the specific options that will be most interesting to you. At this point you can buy many different vitamins, but if you start looking for more information about them, you may come across some common myths. Often these myths get in the way of taking vitamins and getting the benefits from them. In this article, we will list a few common myths about vitamins.

A natural vitamin is much healthier than one synthesized in a lab

This myth is quite common and causes irreparable damage to the wallet of its adherents. Synthesized vitamins, as well as many therapeutic agents, are not inferior to natural ones in terms of their effect on the human body. Sometimes these substances can be chemically and microbiologically cleaner than fruits and vegetables contaminated with nitrates and insecticides. They are much cheaper for the manufacturer and therefore have a lower cost. 

Several of the vitamins that make up the complex, the body is not able to assimilate

Vitamin mixes are developed by pharmaceutical laboratories in accordance with special standards before they are released. At the level of production, the strictest control of the balanced composition and the absence of harmful chemical impurities in the manufactured products. The level of absorption of the vitamins that make up the complex depends on the characteristics of the body and can range from 30 to 90%.

Vitamin complexes do not give the desired effect

It is the targeted vitamin complexes that have saved and are saving millions of people from dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease. The main role in these processes is given to B vitamins: enhancing memory B1, saving from mental stress B2, increasing the concentration of B3 (PP), B5, B6, B9, B12, which are essential for the nerve fibers. The problem of hair loss, flaky nails, aging skin, thousands of women have helped to solve Biotin or B7.

The manufacturer is crucially important

Any drug that is produced in the country or delivered to our pharmacies must be registered and certified. Pharmaceutical laboratories often use developments as well as components of foreign counterparts. Buying domestically produced vitamins, you can not be completely sure that they are made solely from their own raw materials. There is always the possibility of the drugs standing on the pharmacy shelf of different brands, produced by the same formula or simply packaged for the consumer in the same company.

What is the best way to take vitamins?

The vitamins have a multifaceted effect on the body. On this basis, preference should be given to a balanced vitamin complex, preferably with minerals. In the doses recommended by pharmacists, they are easily absorbed by the body. If you want to buy prenatal vitamins, you should understand that they also consist of a complex of vitamins.

It can be argued against the opponents of this concept that food also contains not one but a whole complex of vitamins and minerals, which are successfully absorbed in the small intestine and directed to their destination by our circulatory system. Of course, a decisive influence has a state of the gastrointestinal tract and the presence of chronic diseases – colitis, enteritis, disorders of the intestinal endocrine system. Diseases of the bile and liver significantly reduce the absorption of vital vitamins such as A, E, K, D. If such diagnoses are established, it is worth taking slightly higher doses of these essential substances.