Where is marijuana legalized?

World history has preserved evidence of the different attitudes of official authorities towards cannabis and marijuana. An increasing number of States are now moving from total prohibition to partial prohibition, and many countries are permitting the use of cannabis herb for therapeutic purposes. The list of States in which cannabis herb is legalized is constantly growing and can even be called a trend.

In terms of the countries in which cannabis herb is legalized, three categories of States should be identified:

  • States where cannabis can be grown, used and stored legally;
  • States where cannabis herb is legal, but only as a medicine.

It is worth noting that CBD is now actively used in medicine. You can use CBD for joint pain or insomnia. There are also many different cosmetic products that are based on CBD.

Full legalization


This is the first country to legalize marijuana. Here, every adult citizen can legally buy weed at a pharmacy by attaching a finger to a fingerprint scanner and registering in the database. You can buy up to 40g of marijuana per month. The legal status of the product was established in 2013.

Many people then asked: “Why is marijuana legalized? The answer is simple: the government took such measures to block trafficking. If you take the business out of the shadows, it is easier to control it at the state level.

Marijuana producers are reputable, reliable companies, and the right to sell is granted to pharmacies with a special license. The authorities have also set a very low price for marijuana to encourage its purchase through official channels.


Another State where cannabis is legalized is Canada. You can legally use marijuana here, buy it at certain points of sale, carry it with you up to 30 g and plant no more than 4 shrubs for personal use. A significant limitation is related to the age of buyers and users – minors are strictly prohibited from selling marijuana. The Law on legalization was adopted in June 2018.


At the national level, marijuana is prohibited in the country, but it is known that in America each state can set its own laws. That’s what they do, in fact.

According to 2018 data:

  • 9 American states have fully legalized marijuana;
  • 28 states allow the use of cannabis as a drug.

Legalization only for medical users

The list of countries where marijuana is legalized only as a medicine is constantly growing.


It was the first place in the world that marijuana was authorized for use as a doctor. This happened in 1994. However, the use of the product for recreational purposes is completely prohibited. Today, only 8 producers in the country are licensed to grow cannabis.


In 1998, Austria passed a bill allowing patients with a number of diagnoses to be treated with marijuana. Possession of cannabis, which was not medically justified, would be followed by a six-month prison sentence or a substantial fine.


In 2011, the Danish authorities identified medical hemp varieties permitted for patients suffering from oncology. Since 2018, the list of ailments for which marijuana can be used has been expanded as a pilot. Therapeutic herb can now be used for chronic pain and serious back injuries.

Similar laws, with a number of minor differences, are in force in Croatia, Turkey, Romania, New Zealand and Macedonia.

And what about Netherlands?

Many people think that marijuana is completely legal in the Netherlands, but it is not. It’s just that since 1972, heavy and light drugs have been officially separated here, while cannabis has been classified as light. Up to 5 grams of marijuana can be officially bought in Dutch coffee shops, which work under license. This can be done by any adult from 18 years old. There is no criminal liability for storing up to 30 grams of grass – it is replaced by a fine. At the same time, storage of marijuana of more than 30 grams, production and sale without a license outside the coffee shops are criminally punishable.